The purpose of this application is to display a tree showing the interconnectivity between Pinterest users that repin. It starts with a root node and recursively retrieves HTML webpages from Pinterest, parses that HTML to identify the "Repinners", then finds all of the pins within the board that the Repin was added to. Finally, it dynamically displays a tree showing the interconnectivity (using CSS/Javascript).


This application builds on Repinterest by using the population of "Repinners" (from a single pin) to offer a better selection of pins you might enjoy. In the example page, the analysis is done dynamically to determine the Repinner with the most amount of pins in common with you (based on the source URL of each pin in all of your boards). The Repinner with the most in common is listed in the left most column, the second most in common is in the second column, and so on. Pins that you have in common are not displayed, just the other pins in that Repinners pinboard. This is an example of an intelligent way of finding new pins with a higher probability that you will like them solely based on the amount of pins you have in common with another individual.

(Coming Soon)

This application would allow a user to comment, upload files, and discuss with other users about a pin that they "Pinished". A craft that they made, a meal that they prepared, or a dress that they bought. Pinheads want to share what they did *after* they pinned something, this environment would facilitate that further sharing.